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JOLTcon Fall 2023: Using Creativity & Technology to Save the World

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Teen presents their pitch at JOLTcon Spring 2023

As part of its commitment to fostering innovation and inspiring young minds, JOLTcon is excited to announce two dynamic events this fall, hosted at Southern University. These events offer local youth aged 12-18 an incredible opportunity to develop their creative problem-solving skills while engaging in an environment of learning and collaboration.

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Semester Theme: Use Creativity & Technology to Save the World

This semester's JOLTcon theme, "Use Creativity & Technology to Save the World," focuses on actionable ways to address pressing issues, particularly the changing climate. The events aim to empower young individuals with knowledge and skills that have a positive impact on our environment and society.

Event Details:

1. JOLTcon Creative Solutions Workshop - September 23rd, 2023

The first event, scheduled for September 23rd, invites young participants to delve into the world of creative solutions. Through interactive workshops, attendees will gain valuable skills to address real-world challenges around climate change. Learning from experts in the fields of tree planting and microplastics, students will jumpstart into planning for innovative solutions f

or the next month's competition.

2. JOLTcon Solutions Competition - October 21st, 2023

Building on the skills acquired during the first event, participants are invited back on October 21st to take part in the JOLTcon Solutions Competition. This competition offers teens the chance to showcase their innovative ideas and compete for a cash prize. It's an opportunity for young minds to shine and put their creative solutions to the test.

Workshop Highlights:

Both events will feature engaging and informative guest speakers, covering vital topics such as carbon capture with trees and understanding microplastics. Following these discussions, participants will engage in guided workshops where they will learn how to synthesize effective solutions, construct compelling pitches, and bring their ideas to life in tangible ways.

Beyond the invaluable teamwork and communication training, attendees will also develop tangible hard skills including idea generation and pitch writing, creating mock websites or app designs to visualize concepts effectively, and harnessing the power of photography for impactful storytelling.

Join us this fall for JOLTcon's Creative Solutions Events and be a part of the journey to inspire, innovate, and make a positive change!

JOLTcon and events like it were made possible by the support and sponsorship from: Cox Communications, Giraphic Prints, Capital One, Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation, BASF, Santandeer Consumer USA, Microsoft, and Aetna/CVS.

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