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Hot & fresh murals installed in Baton Rouge this summer

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The weather hasn’t been the only thing coming in hot this summer.

The Walls Project team has been collaborating with local businesses and artist Marc Fresh to release two new vibrant and inspiring murals back-to-back in Baton Rouge. The latest locations for the public art installations are Baton Rouge General in Mid City and Elysian III Apartments. To see the map location of all our murals, please click here.

Baton Rouge General Mid City

Baton Rouge General Mid City wanted a special way to commemorate the one-year anniversary of their Florida Boulevard hospital opening. The BRG staff voted from a handful of designs and selected Spiro by Marc Fresh. Production for the Baton Rouge General Mid City mural began in mid-June and was quickly completed in over a week despite stormy weather and intense heat.

Marc used paint brushes and spray paint to paint the 800-square-foot mural on the side of the Emergency Room.

“The Walls Project has really helped with opportunities for my growth as a muralist,” Marc says. “Building knowledge through experience over the years has helped so much. One of the coolest aspects of a project is overcoming challenges. Sometimes you can’t know the answer until you problem-solve your way to the result.”

Baton Rouge General staff (pictured Tre Nelson) help fill in the mural.
BRG staff member, Tre Nelson helps fill in the mural (above).

On June 18, hospital staff gathered to paint and contribute to the family-friendly mural and celebrate the one-year anniversary as a team.

The mural is located on the side of the Emergency Room entrance on Peachtree Blvd at their Mid City location at 3600 Florida Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806.


Elysian III Apartments

The abstract mural for Elysian III was another quick and impactful project. Gulf Coast Housing in partnership with DNA Workshop wanted Walls Project to paint a vibrant, abstract mural concept on the front entrance of the Elysian III housing development.

The design, titled ShapeShift, is a play on how the mural unites the three apartment complexes with a cohesive blue motif and colorful portrayal of how individual experiences continue to shape the phases of life.

“When designing for Elysian, I was inspired by the clean line aesthetic of the existing buildings,” Marc says. “I felt like a design that amplified that vibe would fit really well.”

The multi-story project wrapped up production on July 9.

View it in person at the corner of 13th Street and Canal Street in downtown Baton Rouge.

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