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Healthy Blue We Thank You!

Everyone acknowledges there are basic, essential human needs: food, clothing, and shelter...and food always comes first. To combat the devastating impact COVID-19 The Walls Project is rapidly expanding our fresh food production capacity at the Baton Roots

Community Farm and made possible in part with the support of Healthy Blue

In order to meet the anticipated fresh food shortages, Baton Roots is adding additional staff to farm, harvest, pack, distribute, and market produce food grown at the farm. It will take all of us working together to get fresh fruits and vegetables into the hands of the most vulnerable food-insecure families in our city.

Please Right now, with so many in need of safe, healthy, and affordable food, we ask you to consider joining Healthy Blue by joining us in this movement to improve the culture of health in Baton Rouge. Please consider making a financial contribution to support this critical work. 

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong.

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