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Futures Fund Introduces Coding Boot Camps for Adults

Updated: May 20, 2020

Futures Fund Introduces Coding Boot Camps for Adults

Cheryl Cummings, Futures Fund Program Coordinator

In 2014, The Futures Fund set out on a mission to provide tech-based programming for teens and young adults in Baton Rouge, LA. Six years of operation and more than one thousand students later, The Futures Fund will offer a refined three-tier coding curriculum in an accelerated adult training: FUTURES FUND CODING BOOT CAMP.

Partnered with industry professionals, our CODING BOOT CAMP assists adult learners in taking their first steps toward a brand new career in web-based programming and development. After completing our four-month program, adult graduates are better equipped to pursue one of the multiple pathways toward their ideal industry position.

Through this adult offering, The Futures Fund aims to provide robust technical and workplace skills training to Louisianians seeking to (re)enter the workforce through a technology-based career. As just one piece of a greater coalition, The Futures Fund adapts and expands in implementing its COVID-19 response.


Cheryl Cummings

Futures Fund Program Coordinator

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