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Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp Fall 2022 Capstone

On November 8th, Trainees of the Coding Boot Camp showcased the projects they created over the semester through their web development training and experience. Each semester, evening classes are held virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays to train adults on the basics of front-end coding development.

Demystification is a major component of what makes the Futures Fund programming so impactful. New participants often feel that although they see the importance of learning how to code, they often were afraid of trying on their own.

“We appreciate [our instructors] introducing us to the world of code in a way that we might not have thought about exploring… really having someone to sit down and both explain things and how they work.”

- Shawn Coleman, Coding Boot Camp Graduate

This semester's graduates, not only completed their own personal projects for capstone but also worked on a group project to exemplify collaboration, communication, and team planning.

This level 3 cohort demonstrated a true definition of collaboration. Their capstone exceeded expectations for a being the first-ever group project in Coding Boot Camp. Through this they learned team work, accountability, and project management skills. I’m so proud to have been their instructor in first Level 1and with them on their final level.

- Teressa Calligan, Level 3 Instructor and Dean of Coding

In addition to the recurring semester training that is offered by the Coding Boot Camp, Futures Fund has recently launched in-person workshops. These workshops cover a variety of subjects, including "Employment in the 21st Century", helping participants understand the upcoming changes in the workforce as technology continues to grow in every industry.

The importance of understanding these changes now is so that as jobs become more automated by AI, the workforce has the right training to stay not only employed but set to thrive.

Register for the next cohort of the Coding Boot Camp by clicking here.

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