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Five soups to make this November with Baton Roots veggies

Brace yourselves, it’s soup season. As the days have become shorter and the temperatures continue to drop, it’s the perfect time to warm up with a bowl of hearty, veggie-filled soup. This November, our Baton Roots farms are bursting with tons of root vegetables, greens and other vibrant veggies. Here’s what’s fresh at the farm this month and recipe inspiration on how to use your seasonal produce.

What's fresh at the farm this November:





Collard greens

Mustard greens



Soups to make:

For a hearty, textured soup packed with protein that marries well with cornbread (Pictured)

For a creamy, cheesy, mouthwateringly good soup that pairs perfectly with French bread

For a comforting, meaty, savory hot bowl of goodness inspired by European cabbage rolls

For an anti-inflammatory, nutritional veggie soup that is good for your gut health

For a layered, flavorful, vegan soup featuring coconut milk, veggies, sweet potato and spices

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