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Fall 2022 Tech Academy Capstone

Artist Shy Speaks gives a motivational moment for the youth

The Tech Academy held its Fall '22 Capstone Event on Saturday, December 3, where students presented their final projects to family, friends, and community members. Students in Levels I and II worked on their websites for ten weeks after receiving instruction from instructors within the industry. They independently executed the planning, design, and development stages of the software development life cycle and presented the final results during a gallery walk.

Our featured speaker was none other than Jamyria Walker, a recent level three graduate and current mentee. She shared her experience overcoming imposter syndrome and facing her fears. She didn’t think she could, but she did. Now she’s telling the world that they can, too! To carry the trend of motivating words, Shy Speaks, a renowned performer from Dallas, TX, performed and offered an encouraging word, song, and rhyme. She did it all! She displayed artistic flow and ingenious creativity with lyrics like:

“Don’t care if anyone else believes. Get out of your way. You have the confirmation you need.”

Shy Speaks put her abundant wisdom on display during Q&A. Students asked her tough questions about accountability and vulnerability. She notes:

“Accountability is discipline plus vulnerability. It is the fastest route to your goals. It works when you desire to achieve.”

Shy Speaks and Shy spoke! What an incredible experience! Parents, families, and community members enjoyed the performance, witnessed the unleashing of students’ coding superpowers, and celebrated excellence and tech genius.

Capstones that are engaging and impactful like these are only made possible through the support of organizations like: BASF, Wilson Foundation, Capital One, ExxonMobil, Microsoft, LOSFA, Santander Consumer USA, Moozie Foundation, State Fair of Texas, UNUM

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