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Embracing Estuary (Wall #60)

The Walls Project brings art to life, supporting our community with creative & educational expressions. Working closely with Woman’s Hospital, artists, and a team of creative consultants; a custom-designed installation has transformed an ordinary roof into a joyful expression of nature. The artwork celebrates our coastal region and Louisiana’s wildlife diversity.  Colorful translucent ribbons provide an abstract representation of land and water, supporting playful flora & fauna panels. The rooftop scene is designed to ease the stress of families in an intense medical setting.  Interior interpretive signage provides an educational component for children.

The installation is part of the Junior League of Baton Rouge’s $100,000 gift, given in conjunction with its 85th anniversary celebration.

Woman's Hospital NICU provides exceptional care for our community, and The Walls Project is honored to be a partner with the Junior League of Baton Rouge on this very special project.


Press release available here.

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