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Dream For A Neighborhood Made Real With Mural

Over 30 volunteers from Reynolds American spent the morning of Wednesday, April 27, collaborating with The Walls Project to transform a concrete wall into a work of inspiration.

“New Look Neighborhood Grocery owners Curtis and Linnea Howard reached out to The Walls to complete their dream of a pocket park adjacent to their community convenience store,” says Morgan Udoh, Public Arts and Placemaking Program Coordinator for The Walls Project. “The 10 ft x 35 ft concrete block wall was built by Mr. Howard in 2021 with the help of neighborhood donors and was augmented with a set of basketball goals for daily recreational use.”

Along with coordinating the event, Udoh designed the mural, which features profiles of President Barack Obama and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. along with the phrase “I have a dream… We can have unity in our community… I am that DREAM.”

“The concept and call to action were dreamed up by the Howard’s as a creative means of reorienting their neighborhoods towards positive change and self-advocacy,” Udoh noted.

The volunteers worked on the geometric foundation of the mural, while Udoh completed the portraits and lettering.

To learn more about Morgan Udoh, listen to her interview on our new podcast, Walls Plus One. CLICK HERE to listen.

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