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DFW Juneteenth Fest 2022 Recap

Last month, The Walls Project partnered with artists, nonprofits, and thousands of Dallas volunteers at multiple sites across historic Fair Park.

This event, held all day on Saturday, June 18th, saw community building, artwork creation, and blight cleanup at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, Fair Park amphitheater, and at Gilley's Southside on Lamar. Collaborating artists included Izk Davies, Jerod Davies, Ebony Lewis, Brooklyn Easley, and Ventrill Art.

At Fair Park, a large circular mural was created on canvas, helped by artists and volunteers alike. Hear more from artist Izk Davies in the video!

Additionally, art activities, cleanups, and community-focused conversations were highlighted throughout the event.

Working until sunset local muralist Izk Davies and Ventrill art collaborated on the 'Freedom Ride' installation to restore this Impala into a rolling piece of art to commemorate Juneteenth.

This project was done in collaboration with SSQDC, Epiphany, and several partners and community advocates which include: Urban Specialists, RHI management, Dallas Designing Dreams, and New Era Management.

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