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Cultivating Creativity, Skills, and Community: A Recap of Culture Club After school Activities

Scotlandville Magnet High School (SMHS) and Capital Senior High School (CHS) recently concluded a dynamic Culture Club Afterschool program pilot, offering a diverse range of enriching activities and community-building experiences.

At SMHS, students engaged in LEGO masonry patching, where they learned valuable construction skills while creating innovative structures. Meanwhile, at CHS, students delved into the realms of cybersecurity, drone photography, and community event planning through interactive workshops, gaining essential knowledge in modern technologies and outreach best practices.

Both schools also focused on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) with identity lessons facilitated by our One Rouge community organizer. These sessions encouraged self-reflection, empathy, and understanding, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.

Local wild clay artist Nickeyia Johnson led a hands-on workshop at SMHS, inspiring students to explore their creativity through clay sculpting. Additionally, AB Artistry guided students in portrait painting, showcasing their artistic talents while reflecting on their self-images and self-love goals. Both campuses engaged in Urban Agriculture with plantings and herb tastings at SMHS. and new garden bed building and planting at CHS.

A volunteer day with the renowned LSU dance team at SMHS saw students adding vibrant paint to brick benches while restoring the Class of '75 donated seating area, enhancing school pride and beautifying the campus. At CHS, students learned the art of creating hex quilts, showcasing their craftsmanship and creativity.

Both SMHS and CHS explored the world of paper and water-marbled art, discovering unique techniques and creating stunning works of art. CHS students also contributed to the restoration of a Class of '80 book culture on campus, preserving history and heritage.

Looking ahead, SMHS students have the exciting opportunity to extend their Culture Club learning into the summer as junior artist guild members. They will contribute their artistic talents to Scotlandville Plaza ahead of the Scotland Saturday Levitt Amped summer concert series and restore two key murals along Scenic Avenue, fostering community pride and creativity. 

The Culture Club Afterschool program at SMHS and CHS has not only nurtured creativity, skills, and community spirit but also empowered students to explore new entrepreneurial interests, cultivate friendships, and take on the task of cultural preservation in their schools and neighborhoods.

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