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Code the Future: Spring 2022 Coding Boot Camp Wow at Capstone

There are many ways to code, much like the old saying about cats, but front-end web design is the perfect marriage of creativity and engineering.

When learning code for the first time, many new trainees find it daunting to learn without support. Just like any language, repetition and confirmation are just as important as understanding the function and exact formula to input.

Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp offers the ability to take your dreams and through practice, make them tangible, via a website.

Every semester, Futures Fund hosts a Capstone project. This project is the trainee's chance to present their work over the semester. Of course, it could be a standard site with a mock client and customer base, but more often than naught, the trainees at the Futures Fund use this as an opportunity to plot out their new business idea or help a family friend with their new ventures.

Kalyn Acy, a US Veteran living in Gonzales, LA sees learning coding as a way to give herself the flexibility she wants so that she can travel and photograph while working remotely.

“I hope to find something in front-end development because I love designing.” Kalyn Acy in Beginner Coding beams as she shows her photography website. She plans to sell photography through her website as a means to add supplemental income aligned with her passion.

Another coder, in Advanced JavaScript, Vinh Nguyen shows the third iteration of his website to help people understand the importance of life insurance. Vinh hopes to create a website with functionalities that will help people place themselves in potential situations to substantiate the comfort that having life insurance brings.

Using a website to explain a complicated function in a novel or tangible way of understanding is what makes a coder just as much as a creative as anyone in an arts-focused field.

Does coding spark your curiosity? Learn it with us! Apply for the next class on May 3.

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