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Booking a Mural

Pre-Apprentice Artist, Jessica Wilson, base coating a design on EBRPL Outreach Center mural. 

BRCC undergraduate artist, Jessica Wilson (ZAZZ) has teamed up with lead artist and Walls Project Public Art Program Coordinator, Morgan Udoh, to create a modern mural that promises to breathe new life into our newly redesigned EBRPL Outreach Center's parking lot. As Jessica settled into the production of this second mural under the pre-apprenticeship pilot we checked in on her view of the Public Art industry she is entering. 

What first interested you in a creative career? 

Creative work has the power to inspire, provoke thought, and evoke emotions in others, allowing you to make a meaningful impact on the world. 

What has been most rewarding or surprising about pre-apprenticing with the Aalls Project on murals? 

I found myself enjoying the process of making public art and giving my skills to a city that has made me.

What would you say to other emerging artists trying to break into the public art field? 

Past failures don't determine future successes. It's taking something blank and making it meaningful. You can't do everything alone; it takes a village to build you up to create change in the world.

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