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Baton Roots Tractor Mural From Outer Space

In the spring of 2020, Baton Roots received a much-needed gift, a tractor donated by Lynne Pisto. Of course, it wouldn't be a Walls Project piece without a little art splash. To create a out-of-this-world piece, we contacted local muralist Skinny Dope, who sprang into action.

This was not a typical paint job. Tractors have many moving parts and crevices, so not only did it have to look amazing, it had to keep the integrity of the equipment. Skinny was not fazed by the request and totally knocked it out in little less than a week.

A futuristic afro-centric mask in a beautiful gradient sits prominently on the hood of the tractor, something Program Coordinator, Mitchell Provensal, stated is a highlight of every use, "Whenever I get to see this fabulous art piece while plowing the fields, it completely makes my day."

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