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Baton Roots Establishes New Growth on Team

Just as root systems mature and dig deeper, the Baton Roots Team is growing stronger every day! We would like to announce a team promotion and the addition of a new team member.

Jacquel Curry is the new Mobile Farm Manager. Although new to this position, he is not new to Baton Roots. Prior to this promotion, he was working part-time at the BREC Howell Park Community Farm at 5509 Winbourne Avenue. In his new position, he will be out-and-about in the community.

“I manage all the gardens at the Housing Authority sites as well as teach the residents how to grow their own food,” he explains.

Moving Jacquel to this position was an easy decision. During his time with the organization, he has proven himself to be a dedicated, hard worker, due to his passion for the work.

“I have been gardening ever since I was a little kid, helping my dad in his backyard permaculture garden,” he says. “Besides gardening, I love doing live sound engineering and video editing.”

The gardens in the community not only help to fight food insecurity, but they’re also learning opportunities.

Education is one of the core tenants of the Baton Roots mission. For that reason, the Hustle & Grow program is an integral part of the team.

Mississippi-native Danesha B. Shepherd stepped into that role and is loving every minute of it!

“I enjoy spending time on my farm, working cattle, and gardening,” she says.

Danesha’s enthusiasm for the program is infectious. There’s no doubt she will inspire her students to have that same appreciation for agriculture.

Hustle & Grow trains young adults how to grow food through hands-on learning at the community farm. The goal is to arm these young adults with the knowledge necessary for them to become champions of fresh food for themselves and their neighbors.

To get your own hands-on experience, join us on Sow Good Saturdays at the Howell Park Community Farm. CLICK HERE to register.

Keeping a strong team comes at a pretty high cost. If you support the work being done by Baton Roots, please consider becoming a regular contributor. A one-time donation is fabulous, but a recurring monthly gift is even better!

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