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BancorpSouth grants The Walls Project $1,500 for Futures Fund Coding Bootcamp

The Futures Fund Coding Bootcamp is getting bigger and better. With the help of a charitable donation of $1,500 from BancorpSouth, The Walls Project plans to continue expanding and increasing access to the Coding Bootcamp for adults, out-of-school youth, and veterans.

BancorpSouth is a bank holding company that serves its community through investment, charitable giving, and volunteer service. The Mississippi-based company focuses its philanthropic efforts primarily on affordable housing, economic development, financial education, neighborhood revitalization, and community service.

In January 2021, BancorpSouth granted $1,500 to the Futures Fund Coding Bootcamp to help expand the program, digitize coding courses, strengthen participants’ resumes, increase access to higher education, connect skilled workers to employers for technology positions and help low-income or unemployed participants get higher wage-earning opportunities.

Historically, Futures Fund participants have included middle and high school students that are 89% African-American, 98% low-to-moderate income, and 58 % female. Through Futures Fund Coding Bootcamp, The Walls Project has expanded course offerings to include coding classes for adult workers displaced by COVID-19, military veterans, and out-of-school youth. By increasing program accessibility, The Walls Project aims to help Louisiana rebound from the recent economic shocks caused by the pandemic.

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