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Back In Style: Tech Academy returns in-person for first time since COVID

Youth gather around Digital Photography instructor, Antoine Lacey, discussing the settings that even the average smartphone has. Learning technology and how to utilize it for finding your own style, voice, and focus is what Saturdays with Futures Fund is all about.

It's been 24 long months since COVID landed our first lockdown as a nation, which happened to be right in the middle of the Spring 2020 semester of Futures Fund. Just like many other programs, Futures Fund had to pivot to accommodate the new mandates.

With a digitized curriculum on Moodle and a slew of virtual classes, Futures Fund maintained its programming and made sure all trainees had access.

Now, back in person, Tech Academy is excited to restart the fellowship that made the program a place of comradery and confidence-building.

Spring 2022's semester will conclude on April 30th with a capstone event, our biggest celebration in two years!

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