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<b>Code Bold</b> in Coding Boot Camp!

While it’s no secret that many of us are happy to see 2020 go, the year (finally) coming to a close brings about an exciting milestone for the trainees at the Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp: these dedicated students are halfway through their training to a bright future in the world of technology.

After six years of successfully providing tech-based education to teens and young adults in the Baton Rouge area, the Futures Fund opened enrollment to adults for the first time this May while also shifting to a completely virtual program to address safety concerns due to the spread of COVID-19. While the COVID-19 health crisis continues to devastate our community, transitioning to virtual learning has had a silver lining, with courses now available to adults all over the state. Accessibility to the essential skills taught in the Futures Fund’s intergenerational training program is of the utmost importance as we continue to see a rising wave of unemployment across Louisiana.

Kristen W., Trainee
I'm eternally grateful for the Futures Fund Adult Coding Bootcamp; I feel like I'm finally learning the skills for a career that I can depend on for the rest of my life; the staff has been so supportive. While the program can be a bit intense, you never feel like you're set up to fail. That's because you now have a new family to catch help.

Over a period of six months, Coding Boot Camp students receive training crucial for understanding code and applying technological skills that will help with employability. The three-tier Boot Camp curriculum includes instruction on basic-to-advance skills for website building as well as the coding languages HTML, CSS, and introductory JavaScript. Upon completion of training, trainees will have the skills necessary to pursue certification, begin new careers, or use newfound skills to advance in their current careers. Additionally, students will have access to tech apprenticeships with our partners at Apprenti with guaranteed employment upon completion.

This semester was made possible for all participants to attend at no cost thanks to the generous support of grants and sponsorships from Capital Area United Way, Build Baton Rouge, Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, and Capital One.

On December 29th, Coding Boot Camp trainees will showcase the skills they’ve gained over the last three months with a virtual capstone. Join us here to cheer on our coding students as they reach this important milestone on their tech journey!

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