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Agroforestry Education at Baton Roots

Updated: Apr 4

At Baton Roots Community Farm, we believe in the power of education to inspire positive change. As stewards of the land, we're passionate about sharing our knowledge and nurturing a deeper connection between people and the environment. This past month, Baton Roots hosted students from a homeschool group as well as multiple classes from Southern University’s Agricultural College to provide boots-in-the-dirt opportunities to learn about agroforestry. 

Students tour the Harmony Garden Raised Beds at Baton Roots Community Farm

Baton Rouge Green staff lead a demonstration for Southern University Ag Students on fruit tree maintenance at Baton Roots Community Farm

What is Agroforestry?

Agroforestry is a sustainable land management practice that integrates trees, shrubs, and crops to create a diverse and productive agricultural system. By mimicking the structure and function of natural forests, agroforestry offers a host of environmental, economic, and social benefits, including improved soil health, enhanced biodiversity, and increased resilience to climate change.

Field Trip Highlights:

Baton Roots has partnered with local tree experts at Baton Rouge Green to plant and maintain orchards at the community farm, as well as expand urban agroforestry throughout Baton Rouge. Baton Roots and Baton Rouge Green staff worked together to teach students of all ages about planting, harvesting, pruning, and more! 

Students learn about agroforestry at Baton Roots Community Farm

A student practices fruit tree pruning on a satsuma tree in the City Citrus Orchard at Baton Roots

Through our agroforestry education, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of agroforestry as a sustainable farming practice and important land management practice in urban spaces.

  • Inspire individuals and communities to embrace agroforestry principles and incorporate them into their own land management efforts.

  • Foster a sense of stewardship and appreciation for the natural world among learners of all ages.

If you are interested in bringing a group to Baton Roots Community farm, reach out to us at

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