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225 Gives 2021 - Help Us Bring Baton Roots to More Neighborhoods

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

In looking to expand access to fresh food during COVID, Baton Roots rapidly grew their footprint beyond the 4 acres at BREC Howell Park on Winbourne Avenue. Through integrating programming into 3 local high schools, as well as 8 East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority complexes, Baton Roots continues to advance food access by meeting individuals where they are.

See our map below for our Baton Roots sites across Baton Rouge:

With this, a mobile farm team has become an immensely necessary function of the farm’s purpose. Currently, staff are reliant on personal vehicles to get to the sites with as many supplies as they can carry.

This 225 Gives, we are seeking to raise funds for the farm to truly impact our city in multiple locations and neighborhoods. To help Baton Roots deliver tools, soil, building supplies, and everything in between, we have identified a half ton truck.

Once our truck threshold is met, we are wanting to top it off with a 6 ft x X 10 ft trailer hitch, so our supply runs can be even bigger!

By donating on Giving Tuesday - 11/30/21 with 225 Gives you will be creating a large impact not only for our Baton Roots program, but all the programs within the Walls Project. Your gift will help us continue reaching our goals of alleviating the barriers of poverty in our city!

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