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About The Course

Ideate and Prototype: Whenever you visit an app or website with a great user experience or beautiful design, that is UI (User Interface)/ UX (User Experience). Learn what goes into those decisions and how to use these strategies to improve your app or website for your audiences. 

Recommended with

Project Management

1 hour

Design Thinking (UI/UX) Part 2

1 hour

Using a Sandbox Website Builder (Wix)

1 hour

About the Instructor

Nina Tran

Nina is a first generation Vietnamese-American.  She went to ASU for engineering, but dropped out to learn coding on her own. She now works for the Advocate as a software engineer. Nina grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and has lived in Baton Rouge for about two and a half years.

Fun facts:

  • Nina have four less teeth than the average person. (Not counting wisdom teeth!)

  • Nina drove a 20-year-old car with 200k+ miles on it across the country by myself.

  • Nina saw my first Mardi Gras parade in 2023!

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