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MLK Fest

MLK Fest creatively addresses blight through volunteer service. By using the power of the people, Walls facilitates large, community-driven service events; effectively organized with 200 partner organizations. Our events offer a variety of activities all leading towards the reactivation of a defined geographic area.


Spring Clean

Fresh of the heels of MLK Fest, the second quarterly cleanup returns to places from the previous event to finish any work and to start at new sites near the work done before. 

volunteers since 
tons of trash and debris 
sites of blight cleaned


Teen Clean

During the summer, we partner with Mayor Broome's Mayor's Summer Youth Workforce Experience to allow the city's teens to lead a cleanup event of their own. Teens help reactivate by cleaning trash and debris and painting buildings.


Fall Sweep

As the weather starts to cool, we launch our third and last cleanup of the year. Work typically revolves around cleaning up blight from vacant lots and refreshing the paint on buildings in need.

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Our mission is to build a vibrant creative economy, accessible for all. Through public art, workforce training, and blight remediation, we are able to conquer the drivers of poverty while building culture and inclusion.  


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