By blending access to fresh food, skill-development, socialization, and art into one location, Capital Fresh brings an opportunity for our community to learn best practices in sustainable agriculture on an urban farm. Developed by The Walls Project, this multi-generational program allows the mergence of hands-on gardening with an artistic environment to ground and inspire community health and wellness.

Student-managed farm areas will allow elementary, middle, and high school students to learn the skills needed to grow and maintain a working business. From planting and harvesting to monitoring quality control, to distribution, students are required to problem solve, anticipate change, manage a workload, and communicate in teams.

In addition to a student focus, Capital Fresh incorporates an intergenerational garden that will play a larger role in impacting all community members. Improving community connections and reducing social isolation of adults and seniors is a focus of the community garden in addition to growing food. Students are encouraged to work with and get to know their elders. By establishing intergenerational relationships, students gain unspoken societal accountability while elders are able to impart their stories and gain relationships all in the name of a healthy meal.

Connecting all generations through growing fruits, vegetables,
herbs, and flowers is the goal of the Intergenerational Community
Garden. This raised bed garden, led by Master Gardener volunteers,
will reduce social isolation and improve connections to community,
while growing a bounty of fresh and healthy food.
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Through the Walls Project's 150+ partnerships, the Urban Arts Farm will provide a unique experience integrating agriculture and the arts. Increasing holistic community health, artistic featres will be woven into the farm landscape creating a sense of place for all participants.

Youth-Managed Farms

Falling under the programming of The Futures Fund, an education and workforce development training program, this youth-focused initiative sarts with 10 week spring/fall training ( + a 5-week summer training) inn sustainable urban agriculture. Youth will grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers on the urban Arts Farm. By being and integral part of the distribution process from start to finish, youth participants will learn the importance of stewardship and the impact that food access and security has on the health of their community.