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OneRouge Picks-a-Pepper

With a program centered around collaboration, selecting a faceted and driven Program Coordinator to herald the work was crucial.

Shawn“Pepper” Roussel learned of OneRouge the same way many were introduced, via the Friday weekly Community Calls hosted on Zoom, but wanted to get more involved, especially due to her own passion for food equity.

Pepper is an attorney, eco-culinarean, and food activist. Pepper is a Tax and Consumer Debt Staff Attorney with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS); consultant with Green Pepper Consulting; Co-founder of Dandelion & Moss; and member Attorney with Green Justice New Orleans. She is also Chairperson of the Board for New Orleans Food Policy Advisory Committee, Secretary of the Living School Board of Directors, member of the LA Clinical and Translational Center LA Community Advisory Board, an Advisor to Imagine Water Works, and Program Coordinator for OneRouge Coalition.

Pepper holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Tulane University; an MS in Computer Information Technology with a concentration in eCommerce from Regis University; and a JD with certificates in both Environmental and International Laws from Loyola University New Orleans School of Law. She is barred and admitted in all Louisiana courts and Chitimacha Tribal Court. Her writings focus on food and environmental injustice, remediation of invasive species, food systems, and Black farmers, and the environmental impacts on food.

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