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Not a Moment, A MOVEMENT

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Video produced by 4th Flr.

We’re seeing all over the world, social change is in the air. The opportunity for true growth in the Capital Region is on the horizon and the OneRouge Coalition is a movement tearing down the barriers of poverty.

Through the co-leadership of Raymond A. Jetson of MetroMorphosis and Casey Phillips of The Walls Project, this movement of 400+ organizations is built to bring collective action towards fostering an inclusive community culture in our city that leads to equitable opportunities for all.

Poverty could never be solved by tackling one issue at a time, it requires a holistic approach with many voices representing at the table. To help guide this, OneRouge utilizes the “Collective Impact Model 3.0.” This model necessitates processes that include feedback and collaboration throughout, methodically working through groups to develop goals, actions, and accountability for each of the coalitions.

To guide towards a unified goal, all of the coalitions look to

“Foster an inclusive community culture in our city that leads to equitable opportunities for all.”

The building of the OneRouge Collation structure and processes has been the most critical investment in Year 1. With leadership support from Sherreta Harrison (MetroMorphosis), Judy Touzin (MetroMorphosis), Pepper Roussel (OneRouge), and Helena Williams (Walls Project), the coalition's infrastructure has been baked with Collective Impact 3.0 as its backbone. This layered approach includes steps of creating different levels of leadership and guidance, communication, and coalition launching processes to ensure nothing is started without intention and action. To read or watch more about OneRouge’s structure, who makes up the movement, current coalitions, and progress from its second year, download the Annual Report here. For a quick snapshot of OneRouge's download our Case for Support.

All of this has been made possible by the investment and support from foundations and organizations wanting to see effective solutions and movement, including the American Heart Association, Capital Area United Way, BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana, and the Baton Rouge Alliance for Students.

To join the movement, click here or view our calendar here.


Help Spread the Word!

Download our graphics for your use on Social or Email. Your word-of-mouth is what will help boost the movement.

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