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Meet DeNair

Joining The Walls Project team this summer is DeNair Clark, Recruitment Specialist. Working across programs, DeNair is able to support each area of work in helping promote and expand participation. From Futures Fund trainees to volunteers with our murals, DeNair will be out making new connections and helping individuals learn more about how Walls Project can impact their lives.

What is your background of work or talent?

I’m an outgoing and Creative-Educator whose background is centered around mentoring and advising. I pride myself on delivering engaging facilitation that supports development and success at all levels.

What would you like people to know about you?

I'd like to consider myself to be like water. Two of my top 5 strengths are adaptability and empathy and they seamlessly work together to enable me to provide a genuine level of support to students of all backgrounds. I’m also always looking to soak up new knowledge kind of like water does when it takes the shape of its container or environment ( but I’m no Bruce Lee ).

How did you come to find out about the Walls Project?

I discovered the Walls Project in 2019. At the time I was 1 year into my teaching career looking to embrace a subject matter that sparked more of an interest in me. I valued traditional education, but I was ready to embrace an environment where I can be more creative with my Instruction. I taught photography for the Spring ‘19 semester with the walls and in addition to serving under such a dynamic group of individuals, I truly valued their mission and knew that it was the kick start to my real passion.

What do you want to see happen through your role? What possibilities are you most excited about?

I’d love to see my role in the Walls come full circle. Since instructing photography in 2019, I’ve obtained my Masters's degree in Education which has leveraged me to continue teaching content that interests me. I’ve created curricula and Instructions at the Post-Secondary and Elementary levels, and I’ve also produced mass programming for an R1 Institution in the state of Louisiana. I’d love it when my experience in student programming meets my own curriculum and I’m able to effectively support our creative economy through Education and outreach.

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