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Futures Fund: Developing the Future Workforce

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The Futures Fund is a program of The Walls Project, a nonprofit organization that focuses on community revitalization and economic development through the power of art, education, and enterprise. Futures Fund is an innovative approach to blending creative and technology training to elevate teens and adults into the workforce for the future.

"The Futures Fund is one of the most important programs offered by The Walls Project. By providing opportunities for young people to explore their passions and develop their skills, they are helping to create a more vibrant and creative Baton Rouge. Please join me in supporting The Walls Project during 225GIVES." - Helena Williams

Futures Fund has been training inspired minds since 2015, with its first cohort of teens during a summer youth workforce initiative. With the success of that pilot, Futures Fund became a recurring semester-based training experience where skills like Coding for the Web and Digital Photography are taught by industry professionals.

Utilizing curriculum designed in-house alongside experts at prestigious organizations like Oracle and Vinformatix, The Futures Fund Coding for the Web program has been able to teach in-person and virtual classes on how to enter into the world of tech with the building block languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Branching from that success, The Futures Fund is evolving into an event-based offering, where workshops are offered to meet the audience's interests and needs and to expand thinking around the digital future.

As a program of The Walls Project, Futures Fund is part of a larger effort to revitalize and empower communities through various initiatives, including workforce development, public art projects, and coalition building. By supporting the Futures Fund, donors are not only helping to fight food insecurity but also contributing to a larger effort to create sustainable, thriving communities.

Futures Fund Highlights:

  • 3,500 youth and adults trained in Coding for the Web and Photography

  • Over 120 hours of videos and content created for the Coding for the Web course that point toward 2 CIW certifications

  • Over $100,000 of income opportunities created and connected to program graduates

  • 25 Veterans received stipends via the program through Capital Area United Way

  • In-Person training is held at college campuses, such as Southern University

Click here to learn more about the Futures Fund program.

Video about Tech Academy at The Futures Fund (2018).

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