About The Walls Project

The Walls Project is a community reactivation organization stimulating Louisiana's creative economy.

Since 2012, The Walls Project has generated over one million dollars in economic resurgence through programs engaging people of all ages to CREATE public and hands-on arts experiences, CULTIVATE creative and technology industry training programs, and REACTIVATE miles of city blocks through monumental collective volunteerism.

The Walls Project is a community reactivation organization stimulating Louisiana’s creative economy. We CREATE and paint murals in underinvested schools and neighborhoods, CULTIVATE, educate and inspire youth to attain the high-demand jobs of the future, and REACTIVATE communities by remediating blight and making them safer.

In partnership with 200+ community organizations plus thousands of volunteers and generous donors from across the world the Walls has:

Generated $2,000,000 for creative professionals
Created 120 murals & sculptural installations
Trained 1000 teens in computer coding and photography
Cleared 150 tons of trash from streets and vacant lots
Reactivated 5 miles of blighted commercial corridors
Harnessed 35,000+ volunteer hours to beautify our city

Thank you for the support over the past seven years, together the future is whatever we make it.

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